Perfect Solution For Brands and Distributors 

Brands and Distributors aligned under the same B2B platform to unify their sales channels.


Connect and increase market reach

  • Network

  • Procurement

  • Time and Cost

  • Transparency

  • Information

  • Communication

  • International expansion

Access to a wider network

exportsy allows you to connect with a larger network of Food and Beverage companies across the EU. This gives you access to a broader range of potential Brands and Distributors, increasing your chances of finding suitable business partners.

Streamlined procurement process

By using exportsy, you can streamline your procurement process. The platform provides a centralized location where you can browse and compare different suppliers, their products, and prices. This makes it easier to find the best deals and make informed decisions.

Time and cost savings

exportsy eliminates the need for traditional methods of finding and reaching out to business partners, such as attending trade shows or cold calling. This saves time and reduces costs associated with travel and marketing efforts.

Increased transparency and trust

exportsy has robust verification and rating systems in place. This helps establish transparency and builds trust among Brands and Distributors. You can rely on the platform's systems to assess the credibility and reliability of potential partners.

Access to relevant information

exportsy provides comprehensive information about the products offered by different companies. This allows you to make well-informed decisions based on product specifications, certifications, and other relevant details. 

Enhanced communication and collaboration

The platform provides communication tools that enable seamless communication between Brands and Distributors. You can directly message potential partners, negotiate deals, and collaborate on projects within the platform.

Opportunities for international expansion

The EU market offers significant opportunities for Food and Beverage companies. By using exportsy within the EU, you can connect with businesses from different countries, explore new markets, and expand your operations internationally.


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